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Use ServiceWiz to Set Your Budget on that next fixer-upper job

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You’ve had your home for a while. It is everything you thought it would be. You know your home really well – even to the extent that if something breaks, or something needs to get done, you have a fair idea of how much it would cost. So – something does break, and off you go flipping through yellow pages, or hitting Google to get a list of providers. You call the providers and start to get quotes. Good so far – except that you can’t help thinking “this didn’t cost that much last time this happened”! No one knows your home like you do – except of course the builder! You feel that these quotes you have gotten are outrageous! Only if you could set your budget and get the work done!


We hear you! ServiceWiz puts the power of the price back in your hands! You can specify your own budget while posting your service requests. Is there anything better than naming your own price?


Here is how it works – say you need your home cleaned. Simply go to and post your job request. As you fill out the simple form, just select the option to “Set My Budget”. This would then prompt you to name your price! Just complete the form and hit submit – that’s it!


With the Set Your Budget option, your request tells the service provider that you are only willing to pay a certain amount of money. The service provider can then respond indicating that he/she is ready to work within your budget, or, even better, makes you a counter-offer lower than even your own budget! Isn’t that awesome! We simply love this feature because vendors compete for your business at your terms!!


We have had a few customers who have indicated that they paid less than what they specified in their budget! This feature gives you complete control of what you are willing to spend.





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