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Professionals you hire on can install an array of electrical equipment for the benefit of your home, from ceiling fans and lighting, to electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations, and more. Do not be tempted to save a few dollars by doing it yourself! Our vendors quote you the most competitive prices!
From fixing leaky faucets to handling clogged drains to Installing Gas Water Heater/Electric Water Heater or even Removing a Toilet. We find  you the right pro for the job at competitive prices! And pros you hire on charge you a flat hourly fee!
With the busy lives we lead, House Keeping becomes an area of neglect. Choose helpful and efficient pros who quote the right price and come back to a cleaner home!
HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is the technology providing  thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, oxygenreplenishment, and removal of moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide. Ensure your house has the right air quality. Hire pros on
ServiceWiz helps you find the right professionals for your lawn. Our offerings in the Landscaping Category include Lawn Mowing, Edging, Weeding, Fertilizing, Leaf Raking and Aeration. ServiceWiz gets you Best Pros @ Best Price.
Sprinkler systems ensure efficient irrigation of your lawns while saving precious water. Use ServiceWiz to engage professionals with extensive experience in sprinkler installation, repair and maintenance. Sprinkler systems save you time and money.
Are pests being a pest@f0 They can be! Get your house pest controlled regularly. If they have already become a nuisance let us help you connect with experts who will help you get rid of them. Pests can cause many diseases and getting a professional to take care of them is a step to make your house a human friendly place.
Your car engine is the heart of your car. Getting your oil changed regularly ensures that you have  a smooth running engine that gives you better mileage and causes less air pollution. Keep you car healthy and do your bit for the environment. Get oil change services at a price that doesn't pinch. Let ServiceWiz help you find you the right Pros.
Pools are a fun space for the family. With you and your family using the pool are you sure that just topping up the water is enough@f1 Let ServiceWiz connect you with Pool Experts for your Pool Opening, Closing and Cleaning needs. Make sure your pool stays safe and hygienic for you and your family.
The comfort of a fireplace in winters is unparalleled. However, a lot of the heat might be wasted if your chimney is not properly maintained. Get your chimney inspected and repaired regularly. ServiceWiz offers chimney inspections, chimney repairs, sort removal, chimney cleaning, chimney cap replacements.
Services provided by handymen such as common services around the home (inside and outside) that do not require a business license.
Home painting projects ! just thinking about them creates a messy image in the head you would rather avoid. However, if you hire the right professionals to do the job for you, it ends up being a beautiful house minus all the painting related headaches.
Services such as Personal Yoga Trainer, Fitness Coach, Mentor etc. will be added under this category.
All services relating to caring of pets including vets, clinics, grooming, boarding, training and other pet care services.