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Looking for electrical repair service? Trusted electrical repair by licensed Independent electrical contractors and not too expensive? Place your electric repair jobs on where you can hire electrician in Dallas for home electrical repair service ranging from installing an array of electrical equipment for the benefit of your home, from ceiling fans and lighting, to electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations, and more. The Dallas electrician will take care of all your home electrical repair service. Do not be tempted to save a few dollars by doing electrical repair yourself! Electricians in Dallas will quote you the most competitive prices on for all your electrical repair service needs on As a bonus get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed electrical repair.
Looking for plumbers in Dallas? Plumber from plumbing companies who are licensed and perform precision plumbing? For all your dallas plumbing needs post your jobs on ServiceWiz. Our dallas plumbers and plumbing company will take care of all your Dallas plumbing needs from fixing leaky faucets to clearing clogged drains to Installing Gas Water Heater/Electric Water Heater, installing a toilet or Removing a Toilet or drain snakes and be the drain doctors. The plumber you get from Servicewiz can troubleshoot any slab leak in the house. We find you the right plumbing company and cheap plumbers for precision plumbing at competitive prices! And plumbing companies you hire on charge you a flat hourly fee with 15 minute billing increments! Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
Looking for house cleaning services ? With the busy lives we lead , we need Cleaning services by a professional maid. But the market is crowded with so many maid service ! How do you choose the right maid services? We at ServiceWiz make the job of finding house cleaning services a breeze. We get house cleaners to bid for your home cleaning services. After that simply choose a maid service you like and confirm the job with them. Pay the cleaning services after the job is done. It simple as we enable you to choose the right fit of house cleaning services for home cleaning while saving you money. Now that's a win-win that you can't ignore. For the best home cleaning services place your order today! What's more, we will give you a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed cleaning service.
Does your air conditioner need ac repair? With the temperatures changing your air conditioning repair becomes an important part of keeping the house cool. Air conditioner repair professionals can be booked on  Ensure your house has the right air quality and that the air conditioning repairs are complete before the hot summers. You can book orders up to 6 hours before your ac repair and air conditioner repair needs. Some of our pros are available for 24 hour ac repair. So why not take advantage and have the perfect air conditioning service ? In addition our HVAC pros can fix any kind of heating and cooling issues that your hvac units might have to ensure optimum and energy saving heating and air conditioning. Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
Looking for great lawn service from the best professionals at the best prices ? We connect you to the best lawn service providers in Dallas. ServiceWiz helps you find the right lawn care service professionals for your lawn. Our offerings in the Lawn Care Category includes lawn service, edging, lawn mowing service, aeration by aerator, yard cleanup, grass mowing, landscaping, weed killers, fertilizer, lawn aerator and many more services. ServiceWiz gets you the Best Lawn maintenance Pros @ Best Prices and making you proud of the lawn in your home. What's more get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
A Lawn sprinkler system is important for the health of your lawn. Looking for a sprinkler system installation company or a sprinkler repair company in Dallas? ServiceWiz will connect you with Sprinkler System Installation Company or lawn sprinkler repair company in Dallas. Pros at ServiceWiz will quote you a flat hourly rate for all you irrigation system needs. Have a lawn sprinkler system that needs to be installed or repaired. Just place your order with us and you will have a well irrigated garden. What's more, get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
Are pests being a pest? Has your home become pest infested? Then get pest control. You must get pest control services from a qualified exterminator regularly. Pests, rats and rodents can cause many diseases and getting an exterminator to take care of them is a step to make your house a human friendly place for your family. We know you have many choices to get pest control from pest control companies. However, are you sure you get the best price from quality exterminators for your pest control services? At ServiceWiz when you order a pest control, we connect you to exterminators who bid for your order. It's up to you to choose the exterminator or pest control companies you choose. Cheapest pricing from the same pest control companies because we make them compete for your business. Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
Looking for 'oil change near me'  or maybe 'cheap oil change near me' ? connects you to reliable oil change services near you to get you the best price. Your car engine is the heart of your car. Getting your oil changed regularly ensures that you have a smooth running engine that gives you better mileage and causes less air pollution. We know you will find options like '5 minute oil change' , however we feel that lube is so important that you must let the mechanics spend time doing it properly. Place an order for oil change service on and we assure you that with pros bidding for your business you will get 'oil change specials' everyday and more from our pros. Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
Pools are a fun space for the family. With you and your family using the pool are you sure that just topping up the water is enough? For pool service and pool care, we at ServiceWiz will connect you with pool cleaning service or swimming pool repair for your pool care. Make sure your pool stays safe and hygienic with the right pool chemicals for you and your family. Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed service.
The comfort of a fireplace in winters is unparalleled. However, a lot of the heat might be wasted if your chimney is not properly maintained. Get your chimney inspected and repaired regularly to get proper heating and to avoid excessive soot formation in the chimney. ServiceWiz connects you to pros for chimney sweep, chimney cleaning, chimney service, chimney repair and chimney cap replacements. A chimney sweep is important at regular intervals to prevent chimney fires. Get a FREE $20 gift certificate on your first completed chimney sweep.